Project Actions
As a scarce resource, water is vitally important for the Middle East region. Nearly 80% of water is consumed in agriculture by using traditional irrigation methods. Due to the adverse effects of climate change, water resources are declining sharply especially in the region. To mitigate the adverse effects, efficient use of water is crucial in all sectors particularly in agriculture.

With this in mind, the project named as “Disseminating Knowledge To Improve Agricultural Water Use Efficiency” will create a platform where transfer of knowledge among different water institutes from each region country (coordinated by National Focal Points/Managing Committee Members) through a working group as demonstrated below, to disperse technologies and good practices on agricultural water use efficiency.

Fig. Project Working Group

There are primarily 5 outputs as part of the project to be completed by the end of 2022:

  • The Report on Agricultural Water Use Efficiency in the Middle East: A report with the title of “Improving agricultural water use efficiency and productivity in the Middle East: Pressures, status, impacts and responses” is prepared that focuses on water scarcity, the challenges this brings to irrigated agriculture, and the options available to improve water use efficiency (WUE) and, in turn, increase water productivity and crop production in the region.
  • Capacity Building Activities: Following a training needs assessment, capacity building activities in the form of trainings and observational study tours have been carried out to increase technical knowledge and raise awareness of regional experts involved in water management regarding water efficiency.
  • Training Manual: A training manual/handbook is developed for educational experience and future reference in regards to irrigation efficiency.
  • Policy Brief: Main strategic outcomes and recommendations of the project is presented for key decision makers and political leaders in a synthesis.
  • Dissemination Activities: The key messages from the Blue Peace Middle East initiative and the project are disseminated through workshops and high-level meetings.

Click here for the main publications produced as part of the project.
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